For Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Artists Who are Ready To Activate Your Purpose

A Proven 9-Week System To Get Clear On Your WHY, Purpose, And Mission So You Can Confidently Go After (And Accomplish) Bigger Goals Than You Ever Thought Possible.

Tired of doing things the hard way?

Before we get started, let me tell you upfront who this program is designed for.

You are a visionary who’s looking to get clear on your WHY, your purpose, and your mission, so you can nail your message and attract your ideal clients. 

Whether You’re...

  • An entrepreneur just getting started in business or recently changed careers who wants to feel confident about the decisions you make. 
  • creative with shiny object syndrome who gets distracted and has trouble finishing what you start.
  • A seasoned business owner who lost their drive or passion and needs help remembering WHY you are doing what you do. 
  • A coach who is struggling to keep up with the day to day mechanics of marketing and selling your services because you just want to coach.
  • public speaker that wants to dial in your message, stop comparing yourself to others and kick imposter syndrome to the curb 


Founder, Live Now LLC
Visionary Performance Coach
Professional Athlete

You Are In The Right Place

Let me walk you through a proven system to get you clear on your vision and how to make it happen. Once you truly see it and believe it, then you WILL create it!

This program is NOT for you if you’re looking for a get rich quick scheme, you’re a victim, a complainer, or someone who sees the glass half empty, you’re only in it for the money, or have no intention of applying what you learn to make a positive difference in the lives of others. 

Now that we have that out of the way...

By the end of our 9 weeks together, you will have:

  • Created a crystal clear vision, mission, and purpose and know the WHY behind what you are doing.
  • Clarity that you are on the right path, and you will not get distracted as easily. No more shiny object syndrome!
  • Confidence when you make decisions because you know what aligns with the path you want to take. No more getting stuck in comparison to others. 
  • Mastered delegation. You no longer need to get stuck in the day to day mechanics of working on your business. You are the leader and CEO, and you’ll finally act like it.
  • More time than you ever thought possible outside of work to pursue the hobbies, passions, and relationships you have in your personal life while still meeting your goals.
  • Permission to dream big again. Your big ideas and dreams will seem simple and achievable after we work together.
  • A clear and concise MESSAGE that you will use to communicate your service or product to your community, which will in turn attract your ideal clients, customers, and partners! 

“Jessica has changed my life for the better over and over again!

Through her Vivid Vision process I got honest with myself of what I truly wanted, then Jessica helped me to feel in alignment and worthy of having that vision. 

Within a few months that vision became a reality and we moved into our dream house (something I had been wanting for 10 years with no results)! Just this week after a check in session with her, we got to a new layer that has freed me up and am more joyful than I can even remember. 

Within 24 hours of that meeting over $16,000 came into my business with ease. 

If you are ready to take responsibility for the life you know you can have and need some help to gain clarity, focus and belief then Jessica Perez Beebe is your coach! I will be working with Jessica for as long as she is taking clients. 

My life is blessed because of her leadership, service and guidance”


The Promise: 

After our 9 weeks together you will have crystal clear clarity on your purpose, the difference you’re here to make, and on the messaging you’ll be leading with in your business so you can move forward with confidence.

Here’s How We’ll Do It

1. Clarity

We start by getting you crystal clear on your purpose, mission and vision. This will allow you to lead from WHY and approach your entire life and business with fresh energy so you can breakthrough to your next level.

2. Community

Who you surround yourself with is everything. As an Activate Your Purpose  member, you instantly uplevel your circle to people who relate to where you’re at and also want to uplevel beside you.

3. Accountability

This program is designed around getting you a result, so we’ve included multiple layers of accountability in the program so you stay on track with your purpose & vision. Get ready to get massive results in a short time.

What’s Included:

  • 3 Zoom coaching calls with Visionary Performance Coach Jessica Perez-Beebe focused on clarifying your vision. You will have an opportunity to get personalized guidance and feedback.
  • 3 Zoom coaching calls with an expert accountability coach to get you clear on your action steps and keep you in committed action.
  • 5 Training Modules with videos and supporting exercises to help you get into implementation mode right away.
  • Private Facebook Group for support in between calls. We are here for you during the entire 9 weeks, and beyond! Once you join, you have lifetime membership in our private FB community for ongoing support of your vision.
  • Challenges and Other Surprises designed to help you create the most powerful results possible!
    • BONUS: Craft Your Irresistible Offer workshop. I will show you how to take your vision and create an offer that is absolutely irresistible to you and your ideal client. I used this system to create my multiple 6-figure offer and I’m going to show you how to do it too.

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      We Start In...

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      Dale E. Walsh

      Active Your Purpose program is exactly what I needed at this point in my new coaching business. Although I have been studying to be a coach for more than a year, the guidance given by Jessica, Emma and their challenges gave me a laser focus on what I was really trying to build in what had been a quest without direction. The Stand-Mission-Vision statements which began the course have been critical to allowing me to understand the wants not only of clients but also of myself moving forward in my business development.

      I must also thank both Jessica and especially Emma for pushing me to the truth of my core so that I could actually enunciate my Vision in a previously unrealized manner. They would not let me get away with easy answers to the hard questions they posed. Although this was frustrating at times, it drove me to look at my soul to discover how and why I was pursuing my path and made me both more self-aware and a much-improved coach.

      I thank you and your team for your dedication, compassion and insight that helped me immeasurably in my coaching journey. I recommend Active Your Purpose whole-heartedly and without reservation to anyone seeking to define or improve not just their coaching, but any business that seeks a powerful shot-in-the-arm of excellent input.


      Active Your Purpose was a wonderful opportunity to deep dive into my personal vocational vision. The combination of learning resources, challenge assignments, and coaching was an invaluable tool to help me remember bits and pieces of dreams, vision and the journey along the way. Taking the time to fully engage in this program helped me develop new habits and self-support to move aside limiting beliefs and move towards embodying the vision that has been there all along. Thank You Jessica and Emma for all the support and encouragement. It was a powerful, moving experience for me which continues to pay dividends. If you are trying to get to your why and redefine how you choose to live going forward, Activate Your Purpose is definitely an investment for you.

      Brian Holman

      "I have to say "Thank you, Jessica". I haven't felt 'free' to dream and design my life in quite some time."

      Rhonda Hostetter

      "Jessica has been working with me on up-leveling my mindset and had it not been for adjusting limiting beliefs and working through this exercise I can guarantee this wouldn’t be happening. I’m grateful for Jessica’s coaching and helping me to get clear on what’s possible as well as helping me set stretchy goals for monthly income. It’s amazing what I’ve been able to accomplish this year with her guidance and coaching!"

      Christina Marie Little Ylitalo

      "Working with Jessica and seeing the way she was able to pull together and motivate a group of women with similar interest was an amazing experience for me. I was feeling unmotivated due to lack of change in my life but Jessica was able to re-motivate me and I realized that with just a few tweaks I was able to completely change the outcome of my efforts. Jessica is driven through passion to truly want to help others. Her positive attitude is contagious!"

      Janessa Laureano

      "The mindset and perspective on life that Jessica has is one that most would seek out in a mentor or life coach, and one that I look up to, especially her outlook on change. Jessica's compassion for other people is an inspiration to all of us women!"

      Jennifer Ludington

      "Jessica saw my potential even when I didn't. She held space for me relentlessly so I could step out of my self limiting beliefs and thrive. She encouraged me to take the next step in my business and encouraged me continually with compassionate support."

      David Mushrush

      "I have worked with Jessica for about 10 years. She has pushed me mentally and given me great insight. She's inspired me to be a better father, husband, athlete and trainer. Jessica has been a huge influence on my life and has encouraged me to pursue things I never would have done on my own."

      Christine Jennings

      "Jessica has such an ability to help you overcome tragedy, heartbreak, and other obstacles in life by giving you useful tools to set you up for success. She is herself resilient and that motivates others to keep on trying after failures."

      Harsha Romshand

      Truly, I couldn’t be more grateful for this opportunity. Getting back to myself is the greatest gift I have gotten out of the Active Your Purpose program.

      Willie Tate

      "As my success coach, Jessica's insight on how to improve my business was spot on! Jessica is a person of integrity who has a strong passion to help others grow in all areas of their lives. She has inspired me to do greater things! She walks the walk! If you feel stuck in your business or stuck in a rut in life, Jessica can help!"

      Dawn Montefusco

      "Jessica is a five-star coach. After years of struggling with my business, I met Jessica and I took her coaching to heart. She encouraged me to tap back into my power and to be consistent. Consistency was the key. After following exactly as she described, I had two 10k months of sales that blew my mind. It was effortless when I was willing to follow her process. I was willing to let go of all of my former belief systems and stick with her process. It fundamentally changed my life. I went from struggling to reach this goal to hitting it two months in a row and now I'm committed to expanding my life into areas I've only dreamed of. I can't thank Jessica enough for her compassion and power as a coach and for seeing in me what I couldn't see for myself."Dawn Montefusco

      Jill Seebantz

      "My VIP Day was so full of value that I created my very first profit in my business! Jessica and I worked on a solid plan that gave me the confidence to take action. I recommend a VIP day to anyone who is ready to get laser-focused and take action to create momentum in their business and in their life! Jessica is not only a pro at what she does, it is her vocation!"

      Taniya Hussain

      "Jessica came into my life like a breeze of fresh air and gave me the courage to invest in myself and my goals and dreams. She gives support and encouragement when needed and pushes beyond your comfort zone when needed! Jessica goes out of her way to be there in challenges you are struggling with! She sees the potential and with her energy drives you forward towards living your dreams. I love her non-judgemental approach and honesty and calling a spade a spade. She gives from the heart and it is truly a pleasure to work with someone with so much integrity and transparency!"

      Stacey Reeder

      "I'm so glad that I decided to go for it and work with you. Working with you has helped me to start seeing the wins in my life and I am starting to feel more comfortable with asking for what I need. If it wasn't for you and my desire to move forward in life, I wouldn't be on this path of growth and healing. Wow! Just what I life will be bigger and greater than I ever imagined it could be because I made this decision. Thank you!"

      Lesslee Belmore

      "Jessica is such a winner in every way possible. Her strength, courage, and tenacity have allowed her to create a life that anyone would love living!! She is an inspiration to all and I highly recommend her coaching to anyone who is ready to up-level their life or business."

       Frequently Asked Questions

      Q. Can I do this?

      There are no shortcuts in your career, your health, your personal development, or your relationships. 

      To become great at something, masterful even, you’ve got to do the work every single day. Not just the big stuff, but the little stuff...consistently. 

      So the short answer is YES you can do this, and you just have to decide you are in.

      Q. I’ve signed up for so many other things that didn’t work out or I didn’t complete them, what makes this different?

      The reason most people quit on their goals for their career, their relationships, their body, etc is that they’ve convinced themselves they don’t have what it takes. 

      And that’s because they’re too busy comparing their step 1 or 2 to someone else’s step 10 or 11.

      When you get clear about what you stand for and ground in your mission and vision you will get a new fire under you to go the distance required to make your dreams a reality. 

      We will get you that clarity within the Activate Your Purpose program.

      Q. What if I can’t make it to all the calls?

      When you join us, I recommend you commit all the way by clearing your calendar for the calls and the work between calls (3 hours a week total). 

      However, if you can’t make it to a call you will have access to a recording, and you can ask your questions in the Facebook Group between calls. 

      We got you!

      We Start In...

      00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

      Still Thinking About It?

      What would it feel like to…

      • Be confident in what you do. Never second guess yourself again. Make decisions quick and never wonder if you’re making the right choice because you know exactly what’s in alignment and what’s not.
      • ​Get the results you want, consistently. Take meaningful action and know it will lead to the result you’re after… attracting that new client, reaching that new revenue goal, getting closer to your loved ones, repairing a broken relationship, whatever it is - what if you KNEW you could do it?!
      • ​Enjoy your work. Fall in love with what you do and have JOY in it. This is how the hard stuff gets easy. You will know that you’re on the right path and on your purpose.

      This is what awaits you in the Activate Your Purpose program. Are you in?

      I can’t wait to share with you the process that helped me live my absolute dream life.

      I haven’t always been what you see today. In fact, the first 27 years of my life looked very different than it does today. 

      I had no one to teach me how to create a new reality...So I taught myself.

      Through that discovery process, I’ve developed a method that has transformed every important aspect of my life...from health to money to career to manifesting my soulmate in two days to creating my absolute dream life, and helping thousands of people around the world do the same!

      It’s available to you too...without the years of trial and error and doing it the long hard way, by yourself, like I did in the beginning.

      If you choose to invest in yourself and join me in these next 9 weeks, I guarantee that you will be able to re-ignite, re-focus, and re-engage in your life and business with a clarity that you never imagined.


      Next Class Starts OCTOBER 12, 2021

      00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

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